The body of water above is the quiet Back Channel of the Piscataqua River, one of the fastest rivers in North America. My studio/office was once in the red boathouse.

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From the legacy of excellence that was Back Channel Press, I have decided to carry that tradition forward, just as John would have wanted me to. To those of you who knew John Grossman, it will come as no surprise that some of his specialties will have to be outsourced. The man was a wizard on the computer.

But some things never change. I know about that manuscript in your bottom drawer. Time to get it out and get it published! In the digital age, it is easier and less expensive than ever before. Perhaps you have been working on a family genealogy only meant for your descendents, a local history that no national publisher would consider, or a memoir meant to be treasured by family and friends. Or maybe you want to take a crack at finding either an agent or a publisher  and going for the big time.

Whatever your inspiration, you want the cleanest, most correct and the most compelling version of your manuscript before you move forward. I do not take my job as editor lightly. I consider it both a responsibility and a privilege to play a role any role in taking you from that manuscript to a finished book. The relationship between author and editor is an adventure I treasure.  

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